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Georgia Women for a Change is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that stands on the front lines of progressive change for Georgia’s women and girls. Together with our many non-profit allies and diverse constituents from throughout Georgia, we speak with a unified voice on issues of economic security, equal rights and freedom from violence. We provide a valuable resource to public officials who depend on us for the facts about women’s lives. We are a think tank. We are a policy advocacy organization. We are a community of women and men of all ages and backgrounds who believe women and girls should have opportunities to live productive, safe and healthy lives. Join us!

"Georgia Women" is the premiere voice for women in Georgia as we stand together on:

Health care that is affordable & accessible for all & includes all reproductive choices for all women

Economic security for women and their families

Ending violence against women and girls

Fairness in child support and custody policies

Equal rights and nothing less!